Ampun Tuanku, patik mohon derhaka

There was a time when a king could do no wrong.

By Haris Ibrahim

Actually, it was not that the king could do no wrong, but one was not to notice the regal cock-up.

And if one did notice, one was not to advert to it.

Talk of the king boo-booing was treasonous.

And if such talk reached the ears of the king, you were liable to have your head parted from your neck.

But that was then.

Much has changed since.

Changed so much that, in some jurisdictions, kings who have done wrong have had their heads parted from their necks, by their very own subjects.

But that was then.

Much has changed since.

These days, people do not resort to the vulgarities of the past.

At least, more often than not, they do not.

Us, for instance.

We have laws.

And a supreme Constitution.

Supreme over all.

Without exception.

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