Sabah’s Yong and Jeffery warn of a plot

(Free Malaysia Today) – Two top Sabah opposition leaders have voiced disappointment with the way the federal government has handled the recent spate of attacks on Christian churches in peninsular Malaysia.

Both Sabah Progressive Party  president Yong Teck Lee and Pakatan Rakyat head for Sabah and Sarawak Dr Jeffery Kitingan denounced the chaos that ensued following a court ruling that Christians are permitted to use the “Allah”  as God’s name in their worship.

The ruling was sharply criticised by government leaders, especially those in Umno.

Yong and Jeffery believe that the fire-bombings of the churches on Friday are part of a wider conspiracy to shore up Umno’s and Barisan Nasional’s hold on power following their humiliating showing in the last general elections.

Yong said on his party’s website over the weekend that the culprits who fire-bombed the churches must be brought to justice as soon as possible.

He said: “Justice done will repair, even if to a limited extent, the deep fractures inflicted on Malaysian society by such cowardly actions.”

“Ordinary people who are not deeply involved in religious matters have suddenly become agitated by these incidents. This is a dangerous polarization that is spreading to a wider section of our society.”

“The people expect that the Prime Minster’s assurances that those responsible will be brought to justice will bear results without any delay.”

“The police force should have by now the prime suspects with the motives to commit such fire-bombings.”

“Are the culprits part of a wider conspiracy? Are they pockets of ‘lost command’ who no longer take orders from their leaders? Or are they mere opportunists who want to create chaos in Malaysia to fulfill their hidden agenda?”