Usia: Use of ‘Allah’ belongs to Muslims


(Daily Express) – United Sabah Islamic Association (Usia) youth information chief Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan wants Muslims in the State to unite and be in one view regarding the use of the word “Allah”.

He said issue must be settled fast as this could lead to religious conflict thus jeopardising the harmony and tolerance practised by the people in this country.

“So, don’t complicate the issue on the use of Allah because it belongs to Muslims only,” he said.

Khairul, who is also Batu Sapi Umno youth chief said he is perplexed why many non-Muslims in West Malaysia are harping on the issue when most of them comprised Indians and Chinese only compared to in Sabah.

On other developments, he questioned whether the statement by Upko President Tan Sri Bernard Dompok that many people in Sabah have requested for sermons to be delivered in Bahasa Melayu in the peninsula as having any “hidden agenda”.