Torched Churches… Reaping What Is Sown

by Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi

Churches are now being torched, four at last count. I believe more churches will be torched, stoned, graffitied, sullied, picketed, etc, for as long as the use of the word ‘Allah’ by the Catholic church issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of Muslims in this country. 

Note that Muslims, in Malaysia include not just Malays, but also non-Malay Muslims, Indonesian, Bangladeshi and other foreign workers as well as an increasingly large overseas student population.

The description of Malays being comprised of all these groups in Malaysia is not a cop-out, but helps me with emphasis, as quite contrary to the view of Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, who DOES NOT understand NOR represent the majority of Malays (we don’t understand or represent her either), THE MAJORITY OF MALAYS ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE MISUSE OF THE WORD ALLAH BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!