The death knell to 1Malaysia concept of Najib

The Catholic Church was compelled to go to the courts to protect its Congregations constitutional rights to use the generic word “Allah” in the Bible. The High Court on December 31 of 2009 ruled that the Christians have a right to the use of the generic term. However, immediately after the ruling was made public, certain sections of the Muslims made it clear that they were going to stage a demonstration after their Friday prayers on January 8 2010, which they did, in a small way.

In the meantime the government had filed an appeal and had made an application for a stay of execution of the decision and the Catholic Church consented to the order. Instead of letting the issue to be determined by the courts, it had become a great political debate and a political game.

Mahathir, the great pseudo Malay, started to fan the flames of discontent of a small section of the Muslims. He, had propagated that the courts would not be able to resolve this dispute. But, Mahathir conveniently forgot that when he was the Prime Minister of this nation for 22 years, it was he who had put a stop to the Catholics of Sabah and Sarawak from printing the Bible in the Malay language and using the word “Allah.”

Let it not be forgotten or overlooked, that the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, have been praying in the Malay language for hundreds of years. Their earliest printed Bibles in the Malay language go back to the early 1800, where the word “Allah” is printed therein.

So who is the cause of this current challenge made by the Catholic Church?