We get it, Allah is your God, not ours

Only Muslims have the right to worship Allah, all other monotheists are worshiping a different God than Allah.

By Donkey Kong

Muslims say that Allah is the Abrahamic God. Jews, Christians and Muslims pray to the one true God, they say. Only that Judaism and Christianity are corrupted forms of Islam, the true religion. Jews and Christians are hence “wayward Muslims”, they would say.

And yet, these Muslims are now forbidding others of Abrahamic faiths to use the term “Allah” to refer to God. Somehow, Allah is now the Islamic deity, distinct from the monotheistic God of the Jews, Christians and others. That is because Jews, Christians and other monotheists do not worship Allah, they’d say. Only Muslims have the right to worship Allah, all other monotheists are worshiping a different God than Allah.

Islam unites mankind, they would say. But it only unites mankind if they’re all Muslims. Once you’re a Muslim, your religion comes first before your ethnicity and nationality. Hence, that is their concept of Islamic unity – unity through distinction and discrimination. There is a brotherhood among all men who believe in Allah they’d say, but it doesn’t apply to other monotheists because only Muslims worship Allah.

Islam is the religion of peace, they would say. And yet they won’t think twice about threatening to kill anyone who does not agree with them. The destruction of synagogues in the Middle East. The destruction of the tombs of biblical patriarchs in Palestine. The desecration of Hindu temples in Malaysia. The destruction of Buddha statues in Afghanistan. And now, the arson attacks on churches in Malaysia. Islam is the religion of peace? Muslims as the messengers of peace? Is it any wonder that nobody takes this “religion of peace” boast seriously apart from Muslims themselves? Muslim apostates are often murdered in Islamic countries. Even with the Lina Joy case, a majority of Muslims didn’t think twice about saying “Kill her”.

Islam is a religion of fairness and justice, they would say. And yet the Syariah laws are biased in favor of the Muslims. And yet they consider non-Muslims to be second-class citizens. In every major Islamic country, the non-Muslims have been rendered as second-class citizens. When was the last time there was a Jewish minister in Saudi Arabia or Egypt? When was the last time Malaysia had a non-Muslim in a critical decision-making political post? Israel has Arab Muslim members of the Knesset. Israel has Arab Muslim lawmakers. Israel has Arab Muslim councilmen. But Islamic countries are more fair and just than Israel.

Islam is a religion of love and mercy, they would say. But people who have questioned Islam have been killed. People who do not agree with what Muslims say have been threatened and harmed. On the other hand Muslims are free to attack the faiths of others. Muslims have continuously said that Christianity is a false religion, that it is a corrupted religion, and yet the Christians have not declared a holy war on Muslims. But when non-Muslims criticized the Quran or made fun of Muslims’ conservatism about Allah and Muhammad, wars and boycotts were declared, people were murdered.

Islam is the religion of truth, they would say. But when asked to participate in an interfaith dialog, they refused. Or, they would conditionally agree, as long as there is a precondition that Islam is right and all others are false. Anyone who challenged the history and theology of the Quran would be taught a lesson not by Allah but by Muslims. Anyone who links Islam to what came before Islam isn’t uncovering truths, but insulting Islam, Allah and Prophet Muhammad.

I can see the big picture now. As what Jesus has said, from the fruit you shall know the tree.

The votaries of Allah and Muhammad are very different from the votaries of Yahweh and Christ. The believers of Islam has such a vastly different worldview and behavior compared to the believers of Judaism, Christianity and other monotheistic faiths despite having a common thread of monotheism. None of the claims by these Muslims that Islam is a religion of peace, fairness, justice, love, mercy and truth has any parallel in Judeo-Christianity in terms of the end-result.

From the fruit you shall know the tree, and with fruits that are so diametrically different the only logical conclusion is that the tree of Judeo-Christianity and the tree of Islam have become totally unrelated and different. The followers of Allah and Muhammad are not even similar to the followers of Moses and Christ, and the theology of Allah and Muhammad is not only different from that of Judeo-Christianity, it outright insults them. The core tenet of Christianity itself is rejected by Islam.

Christians should get this into their heads – Allah is not the God of the Christians. Allah is the God of the Muslims. The fruits of Islam and the fruits of Christianity have nothing in common in the present day and they’re diverging further. The tree of Islam and the tree of Christianity have become distant relatives, if not altogether unrelated.

Please stop using the term Allah in Christian publications. You might end up confusing Christians to worship a God that is not their own.