Selangor CPO: Two more incidents in Selangor

(The Star) – A pastor was manhandled by four men before they vandalised a church in Ampang at around 6.30pm on Friday.

The men entered the Agape Revival Church located in a shoplot at Pandan Indah, Ampang and manhandled the priest before shoving him to the ground.

The assailants then proceeded to damage a microphone before tearing down posters in the church and leaving.

The police lodged a report on behalf of the pastor at the Pandan Indah police station.

Meanwhile, in Kuala Selangor an unidentified man walked into a chapel near Asam Jawa and advised the caretaker to be wary during this tense period before handing him a copy of the Quran.

It is learnt the incident occurred at about 6pm when the man met the Chapel Of Our Lady Of Good Health’s caretaker and passed him some advice meant for the parish priest.

He advised the chapel’s parish priest to take precautions as it was possible the chapel could become a victim of attacks similar to churches in Kuala Lumpur.

Alan Pereira, the parish priest, said he took the man’s action in good faith and as a sign of friendship because the man had advised them to lock their gates and windows following the attacks made on other churches.

“This shows that not everyone is against us,” he added.

Police personnel who rushed to the scene, have recorded a statement from the caretaker.

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar when contacted, confirmed both incidents.

He added they were confident in indentifying the person involved in the Kuala Selangor incident, who is believed to be a local.

“Although there was no threat in this case, we would like to record his statement to find out his true intentions,” Khalid said.