For a nation that is 52 years old, we have in our midst characters who still display childish traits and inclinations. One would have thought that after all our forefathers had gone through to secure independence, it would be a piece of cake for our fellow countrymen to display tolerance, acceptance and to strive to maintain peace and harmony in a land that has so much to offer to its anak-anak. Most tragically, this is not the case as can be seen in the reports about the bombing of the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati and the hacking of the judiciary website as reported in Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today and unreported in many MSM!

By Masterwordsmith

Malaysians, I weep.

I cry.

Do you?

I cannot believe that all this dispute is over the use of ONE word. The ONE person who could have defused the situation with ONE WORD – STOP did not even though he has been promoting ONE Malaysia. It is indeed saddening that such an incident occurred and has hurt the feelings, sentiments of other Malaysians regardless of color, creed, class or gender.

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