Perkasa Makes Police Report Against Raja Petra


(Bernama) — Pertubuhan Peribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) today made a police report against a blogger on website “Malaysia Today“, Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin, in relation to a recent article under the ‘No Holds Barred‘ column.

Perkasa secretary, Mohd Zainuddin Amran, said the article has elements of sedition to incite people, especially the Malays, to abolish the insitution of Malay rulers and make Malaysia a republic.

“The article which I read on Dec 20 clearly alluded to efforts to abolish the instituion of rulers and was aimed at setting up a republic,” he told reporters after making a report at the Pudu police station here Thursday.

Mohd Zainuddin said the contents of the article were also against the Federal Constitution besides questioning the position of the system of constitutional monarchy practised since independence.

He said the proposals made by Raja Petra should be stopped immediately as it caused people to be influenced by his propaganda.

“Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin clearly makes fun of the law, the police and the Attorney-General for failing to find him whereas he had celebrated the new year with two women in Poland.

“I make this report so that the police can take appropriate action against any quarter which attempts to disturb the stability and harmony of Malaysia.”