Wayang Kulit goes on and on

Will the twist of the missing engines be over? Not likely. And at least not in the immediate future. There will be more twist, turn and spin before we know the truth. If we ever do.


By Utuh Paloi

“This is just like the Mongolian bombing murder case where rank and file was convicted even though they had no motive in doing so. Now we have another rank and file case where jet engine was carted away from under the top brass and minister’s nose and made a handsome profit from an old junk bought in 75.”


That comment in Malaysia Today, which added another twist to the controversy, caught my attention and spurred me to re-open an unpublished article I wrote last month.


“The engines were believed to have been sold to an international company in South America, according to Defence Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.”


“But the NST, citing intelligence sources, said that the engines were shipped to a Middle Eastern country that “was the subject of US sanctions”. The country was apparently keen on developing its own jet fighter.”


And the latest report is that the engines have found their way to Uruguay. RPK suggested they are in Iran.


Which one are we to believe? Or would you believe this:


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