They have lost it!

There are frenzied police reports being made, to protest the court decision in favour of the non Muslims’ right to use the word “ALLAH”, mass protests and rallies are being planned across the country.

By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

The prime minister’s department is making an appeal. These so-called defenders of the faith have gone to great lengths to protect the sanctity of the religion. Datuk Seri Anwar and Tok Guru Nik Aziz has spoken their piece, given their opinions and their reasoning as well. And this issue is again blowing out of proportion. These NGOs have failed to see the implications of their actions, and its effect on the nation and its people. They have not taken into account that such protests, is actually a bane to national integration. If Ketuanan Melayu is an excuse for us to act as we are doing, and that Islam is only for the Malays, then it is certainly saddening. Many non Muslims considering embracing Islam will automatically distance themselves. Denying non Muslims the right to utter God’s name, which has been the practice for thousands of years, all over the world, will surely make the world see us in a different light. All our efforts to promote ourselves as a moderate Islamic nation overseas will come to naught. 

After the general election, we looked forward to reenergized politicians, who will go all out to win the hearts of the people and to right the wrongs that still haunt this nation. But no, they prefer to fight for their individual rights, reassert their positions, and reaffirm their beliefs, at the expense of the people as a whole. Their actions are splitting the people, instead of uniting us.

I can think of at least a few outstanding issues that this nation needs to resolve.

Education – while education in most major cities are excellent, the standard in other areas are way below par. Most of our children, even up to tertiary education, still lack the tools to survive in the working environment. From young our children are already divided, and unable to coexist with other races. This excuse of mother tongue and culture preservation only keeps us apart.

Race Relations – are at an all time low, even though it is the single most important policy to ensure peace and harmony and nation building. Why is the government so determined to keep us apart? Are they conscious of the fact that these actions are detrimental to unity and patriotism? Is it a wonder that many are emigrating? Imagine, the loss in terms of human resources, income tax and economic toll on the nation. After years of producing a towering Malaysian, just to see them running away to another country.

Immigration – we see an influx of foreigners into this country, which are mostly economic migrants. These people take away our jobs, ensuring that our remuneration remains below par, and keep our people from making realistic wages. Yet our policy to invite them in, in droves to this country just to fill up our factories, and working alongside our nationals for the same wages is insane. How can our country be economically sound? 

Religion – when are we going to stop imposing our beliefs on others? What if churches and temples suddenly install loudspeakers for their congregations? Why can’t we perform our religious obligations without stamping on the rights of others? Why do we keep tearing apart the fine membrane that glues our nation together? Why do we try to be more righteous than others?

Social and Healthcare System – some countries have a cradle to the grave policy. Here we are doomed if we are uninsured or ill-afford treatment for life threatening diseases. A healthcare system is a must, and we can jointly develop one, even if the payouts are small. We lack kidney centres, specialist hospitals for the poor, hospice centres etc.. Malaysians deserve better and should be entitled to have better healthcare.

Information technology – why are we so misinformed? Why does the MSM practice selective reporting? Why do we keep on stoking fires that divide our people? Why do we keep on protecting the corrupt? Why are we so scared of saying what we feel? Why is Malaysia Today such a popular site? In the words of a reporter, that suggested gutter journalism, and hordes of drooling fans being administered their daily doses of propaganda, I have this to say: “There is still a website uncontrolled by the corridors of power. Why is RPK being crucified and branded as a coward?” I sincerely thought that any information on corruption and crime leaked to the Police or MACC will result in an investigation, and probably a conviction and the informant rewarded. With the wealth of information on Malaysia Today, RPK could be a very rich man, not hounded like a fugitive. The last I heard he was in Poland with two Polish chicks, and before that with two Mongolian chicks as well.

A Government with a Heart – Why is our government so cold? I thought it was the people that elected them to their seats, and they should be thankful enough to reward the people who put them up there. Instead there is infighting, and protectionist policies not for the nation, but for the corrupt.

They have lost it! Their will to govern has dissipated, and they are lost in the intricacies of fine governance. That is why we should shun race parties, which cannot see eye to eye with each other. Instead we should have a Malaysian political party that can think collectively for the nation.

In conclusion, for this country to prosper, our citizens must control our emotions, swallow our pride, and respect the beliefs of others, and to develop a sensitive caring attitude. We desperately need a government with a heart to protect us against ourselves.