Malaysian, Malays and RPK at a crossroad?

Since the usage of the term “Allah” became a matter of the courts, Muslims in Malaysia became divided. It seems that the Malays in Malaysia was badly affected the decision in the high court.

From what I saw and what I hear it seems that the matter is particularly sensitive among the Malays that is active in politics especially those in UMNO. For the context of this writing the term Malay is specifically as defined in Article 160 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.
2. Reality is the Malays are at a crossroad today because of this issue. It is really an oddity to see some UMNO leaders who are associated with unsavoury conduct and behaviour are championing this issue as a matter fighting for Muslim in Malaysia. Some of the NGO that is associated with UMNO took the streets in expressing their anger. These politicians are trying to gain political mileage out of this matter.
3. In contrast, PAS an Islamic political party with a strong focus on Islam in its political agenda has officially endorsed and accepted the decision by the High Court as it is consistent with the Federal Constitution. Rightfully, PAS leadership has indicated that the term “Allah” must be used in the right context both by the Muslims as well as the non Muslims.
4. I am still not able to come to grasp on actual reasons why some people are so sensitive about allowing the non Muslim to use it. Some say it may confuse the Malays but then why should it confuse anyone? Why should it confuse the Malays or the Muslims in this country if they are properly educated by their parents, school and the government? Mentally, are we so weak that we cannot manage this simple matter and prevent ourselves from being confuse? How is that Muslims in Indonesia (which is the land with highest concentration of Muslims per square feet) do not have such a problem.
5. Let us look at the reality of life. With our without the use of the term “Allah” by the non Muslim, there are plenty of Malays involved in vice, drugs activities and many other Islamic prohibitive activities. The weakening of “Aqidah” among the Malays’ are not attributed to the confusion about the term “Allah”. It is due to poor upbringing and poor appreciation in the values of Islam. Much emphasis is being place on the ritualistic elements of Islam but not in the true value of the religion. There has been a very poor effort in marketing of the value of Islam.