I would be extremely rich ……..

………. if there was a bookie who would offer a betting market for the outcome of “official” investigations into wrong doings by those within the UMNO/BN government and those from federal institutions who would do its bidding! It is so damn PREDICTABLE!!!

By romerz

(Image from www.iklanmax.com)

No matter how big or complicated the crime, only “small fall-guys” and NEVER the masterminds – the big politically connected members of the “old boys club”, can be traced to have a hand in these crimes.

“The investigation papers show there are no senior military officers involved. Only what we can call rank and file personnel are involved. No officers.” : Attorney-General Abdul Ghani Patail on the theft of the two jet engines.

Full report on the A-G’s comments HERE from Malaysiakini.

This is where I have a problem with the A-G’s conclusion!

If you think about it logically, how can a crime of such magnitude and complexity be carried out by “rank and file” members of TUDM only? The stolen objects are no small items which can be secreted in underpants. These are jet engines which cannot be moved without heavy machinery.

Now imagine these. These jet engines were moved from their storage in a military secured premise to the fence outside. Already we should have had two checks, first from the warehouse and second from the perimeter of the base. How do non-officers have the authority to move such big items past such checkpoints if not for clearance signed by an officer?

Anyway let us assume that signatures were forged and somehow the thieves made it to outside the base perimeter.

So now the stolen jet engines are on the road to a port or an airport. Let us give the benefit of the doubt to our PDRM who did not notice that such movement of valuable military cargo is usually accompanied by personnel from the military police, unless of course they were accompanied by TUDM MPs. If they were then this would raise another question about complicity!

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