Patriotism or treason? Your choice!

Recently, I met up with quite a number of my friends who are in their late 20’s and early 30’s. To my horror, allof them have not registered as voters!!! Worse still, they claim that this is a prevalent trend amongst youths today!

I hope they are wrong! When I went to color my hair at the hair salon today, I discovered that my hairstylist and his workers – have NOT registered as voters as well. Needless to say, I gave them a 15 minute lecture on why and how to vote :-).

Many expressed the following sentiments:

  1. It is not important to vote.
  2. They are too busy with work to make the effort to register as a voter/to vote.
  3. One vote will not make a difference.
  4. They do not know how to register as a voter.
  5. The politics of the country does not concern them as long as they are gainfully employed and are living comfortable lives.
  6. They are just not bothered about voting.
  7. Your vote does matter, especially if you know what to do with the vote and are aware of how that vote is of utmost importance to the destiny of this country! Voting is the most formal act of political participation!