Year of the Tiger – What Portends in 2010

The beginning of the New Year of 2010 and the beginning of a new decade and as we ponder on happenings of the past we will naturally wander into and about the future.

For ages since the beginning of civilizations people’s thoughts are into the eternal space of time flowing from the future to the past as in “coming and going” in an encyclical nature. (He he, yes , the past comes from the future in meta-psychics and returns to the past…)

The study of cycles is today universal as with the study of astronomy or physics which is the concept of frequency and frequencies as in occurrence and oscillation (oscillate; as from a psychics, binary or mathematical perspective). Any discipline of study will never be complete without the study of its cycle or the forces of it.

Everything moves in a fix pattern like the earth’s orbit of the sun or the moon’s orbit of the earth in coherence with the earth’s cyclical orbit. Everything is in motion and moves and vibrates in a systemic pattern collectively in line with the oscillation of the entire universe.

The ancients have studied these movements and formulated their findings into a mathematical form of symbols and its permutations, Astronomy is the most ancient of the sciences and it is today common knowledge that the moon and the sun influenced the movements of the tide in the sea in a cyclical pattern. A point of note here is that today the subject of astronomy and astrology is detached from each other and astrology is not a mainstream science subject however the study of cycles and patterns are a component of the modern sciences.

Well, I think this bit of introduction on cycles is adequate for our purpose here today as we are going to relate the economic cycle to the ancient astrological chart. And it must be pointed out here that it is the intention to simplify the presentation based on historical facts on to the major astrological cycle and will not be looking at greater intensity of the mathematical permutations and even than it is an eye opener at what is being presented here today.

We are going to look at a certain cycle of the year of the Tiger from the Chinese astrology and in particular this year of 2010 is the year of the “Golden Tiger” (or Metal) which will come in to effect on February 14th. The Tiger or “Yin” (name of the Tiger in the Chinese astrology) is the third cycle of the 12 year astrological cycle. The Tiger inherent element is “Wood” with the polarity of “Yang” (of the male female principle as in Ying and Yang) and occupies the direction of ENE (east – northeast) and rules the hour from 3am to 5am of the 12 Chinese hours. There is a conflict of the elements here this year with Wood – Metal configuration. There are a wee bit extra detail here just for info but we will not cover details and degree of intensity of the interaction of the mathematical symbols and or permutations of the elements. We are going to just look at the occurrence that is happening in the financial world and more specific in relation to the American stock market or the Dow Jones which inevitably affects the whole world.

Below is an old base research chart of mine that can indicate a lot of other information but for now we will cover the cycle of the Tiger on the financial world.