Shape up or be shipped out, cops told

We are now in the year 2010, the beginning of 2010 with many of us making our New Year resolutions aiming to develop and improve ourselves. Many of us also made our New Year wish to have a peaceful, democratic, just and fair nation to be in. Our wish to have a crime free nation is also on our list.

But we know, a nation with a one hundred percent crime free is impossible, and that is why we are always praying and hoping that the crimes in our streets can be reduced as much as possible in order for us to enjoy a safe and peaceful environment.

However today, the crime rate is increasing. The criminals are getting more sophisticated then our police personnel. These bad guys are often even more equipped than our policemen. Besides, they also know very well of our police force’s operational schedules and patrols.

So, what had our Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) being doing all these while? They cannot even defeat the notorious “mat rempit” gangs in our streets and those snatch thieves who had so far killed many of its victims. To make things worst these criminals are now claiming to be equivalent in status with the police force.