Journalism 101 by Azmi Anshar

The editorial on the king of ‘gutter’ journalism, Raja Petra and his belligerent website in the NST takes a jab at the legions of fanatical fans who ‘drool obsessively’ over his expose on who’s who in BolehLand’s national politics. See story below.

It’s attacking whoever who are not given the licence to write unlike the MSMedia journalists and editors who are considered the legitimate licensed and rightful fellos to report on the happenings and ‘truth’ of life in BolehLand.

As brainy Einstein once said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

And every journalist including in the disciplines of the humanities know that their version of ‘truth’ is very much guided by one’s own perception of things, their frame of reference, their world view, and all that including one’s agenda, hidden or dictated by their editors who pay their salary and the editors by their political masters who put them on the chair.

Those who think the MSMedia are a muffled and controlled lot who practiced self censorship to ensure their survival may think the editorial griping over their something they can have control over if they want to.