Herald website hacked as ‘Allah’ battle intensifies

(The Malaysian Insider) – The online version of the Catholic weekly Herald was hacked twice since last night, two days after a High Court decision allowing Catholics to use “Allah” to describe the Christian God in the national language.

Father Lawrence Andrew, the priest-editor of the weekly, told The Malaysian Insider today that they first discovered technical disturbances on their website at 1am today.

“My technician had it sorted by this morning but then the problem started again early this evening. I can’t really tell you what the problem is but my technician confirms that we were hacked,” he said.

Andrew also disclosed that the website is now operating normally after the last attack was successfully neutralised.

Asked to comment on the incident, the St Anne Churh parish priest calmly replied it was best that he kept silent.

“I don’t want to say anything. I don’t want to add to the tension as this issue is a very sensitive one,” he said.

“It has been a long day,” he added in reference to the intensifying uproar over the court ruling.

Earlier in Penang, some 250 Umno Youth members took to the street to protest against the court ruling in front of the state’s High Court building.

Observers told The Malaysian Insider that protestors shouted “seditious” obscenities in protest against a ruling they described as an attempt to confuse Muslims.