Unravelling the mystery of the Great RPK Manhunt

By Eyes Wide Open

Has anyone googled “RPK London” to see which news agencies are carrying the sensational “news” about the great RPK Manhunt? If yes, perhaps you would have noticed something.



Isn’t it strange that such a sensational story (cops closing in on fugitive dissenting blogger) gets ZERO attention, whereas the BBC covered his ISA arrest in 2008, and several other stories involving RPK. I’m no journalist, but I would have thought catching an international fugitive would be a bigger and better story than catching a blogger at home.

But this whole storm is merely raging in the tiny Malaysian teacup! I wonder why…

Well, if we take a step back and look at this whole manhunt thing from the perspective that it’s all just a big hoax or sandiwara, then you will notice a pattern emerging.

In the past few weeks, interest suddenly flares up about finding RPK after months of inactivity. Lots of talk, but there is ZERO progress in actually FINDING RPK.

Throughout this time, various comments are made by UMNO and UMNO-linked bigwigs (this is significant as I’ll explain later.) Among the comments are: