Missing F5E Engines!

This thing about missing items in the RMAF, and the Armed Forces as a whole, is an ongoing thing and there seems to be a lack of effort by the people in authority and power (not just those in uniforms) about stopping them. Perhaps they are in cohort with the culprits, or they are themselves the culprit.

Quite some years back we lost two very highly able generals when a Nuri helicopter crashed – investigations found that the aircraft had engine problems and was fitted with ‘questionable’ parts. A Brig Gen, some officers and men from the RMAF were sacked after that. There were few other crashes attributed to the same problems again involving Nuri helicopters and we lost few of our good men.

Pilferage still occurs in the Armed Forces today (Army, Navy, Air Force and The Police Force) and there’s no sign that this is going to stop. We are losing a lot of RM millions due to this. Now, the recent loss of two F5E engines cases also received the same action – a Brig Jen, some officers and some men were sacked. This doesn’t help solve the problem. I am quite sure, the two Brig Gens that were sacked in the former and the latter cases, didn’t mind, well, they lost face alright but they are rich. Some of the sacked officers are in the business supplying parts and services to the RMAF! Can you beat that?

If you look carefully around you, you’ll find many senior officers who had retired from the respective services mentioned above who are very very rich (I am not saying all, I said many). Some even proudly flaunt their ill-gotten wealth. One is quite frequently seen driving an open-top Red vintage MG along Bangsar Road whilst smoking a very expensive Havana cigar during weekends. Many are seen playing golf at top clubs in the country. Some are known to have married a second very young wife who are even younger than their youngest daughters and amongst the wives is a once-upon-a-time local actress.