RPK scoffs at police hunt for him

(The Malaysian Insider) – Fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who has been the subject of much speculation recently over his whereabouts, has mocked the police over their unsuccessful effort in locating him so far.

Writing in his Malaysia Today website yesterday, RPK, as he is better known, suggested that the mystery of his whereabouts was something too complicated for the police to solve.

“There appears to be a lot of noise in the mainstream media lately about whether I am still in Malaysia, if not then how did I get out, then where can I be, which passport did I use to get out of Malaysia and which passport did I use to get into the other country if I really did get out of Malaysia, and so on.

“I think the above is just too complicating for the Malaysian police to solve,” he wrote.

Raja Petra said that finding out where he was “would involve using your brain and this is certainly beyond the capabilities of the Malaysian police.”

Speculation is rife that Raja Petra is now living in a luxurious flat in London, according to a recent report in Utusan Malaysia. The newspaper cited sources for its story.

It has also been reported that police are seeking help from their British counterparts to locate Raja Petra.

This week, an Umno supreme council member even suggested that the fugitive blogger was being sponsored by an unknown personality.

There has also been active chatter in pro-Umno blogs about who is sponsoring Raja Petra’s stay in London.

But there has not been any concrete evidence to show that he is indeed in the United Kingdom, nor has there been any sign that the police are any closer to locating him.

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