Rosli Dahlan Was Fixed So That A Criminal Can Be Released

Rosli Dahlan’s trial will resume on 5 January through to 7 January 2010 at Special Criminal Sessions Court No:10. Already MACC Officer Azmi Ismail had testified that Rosli was never considered a suspect in any investigation by the MACC.

The Prosecution’s star witness, DPP Anthony Kevin Morais, who is also MACC Deputy Director of Legal and Prosecution, being the person who had issued to Rosli the s. 32 Notice, further confirmed that not only was Rosli not a suspect, but Rosli’s role was just to help MACC as a witness in the investigation on Dato’ Ramli.

So Rosli is now a witness. Not the way the mainstream media had previously quoted MACC sources as saying that Rosli is wanted for hiding Dato’ Ramli’s alleged RM 27 million assets. The mainstream media and the MACC have been very quiet about this story that they previously publicised widely. DPP Zulqarnain Hassan even emphasised several times in his submission before Judge Abu Bakar Katar that Rosli’s allegations that he was “Fix-Up is not relevant because neither Rosli nor Dato’ Ramli was charged for corruption. They were charged for failing to comply with the terms of the s.32 Notice”. So now you have it, this is not a corruption case after all!!!