Fact and Fallacy

A recent article by this Don Quixote (Ridhuan Tee) is rather disturbing, not only for the non-Malays but the Malays as well. While many think that this Don is trying to defend Malay Rights and religion, it has turned out to be an embarrassment for the Malays. We do not find it at all amusing that a Muslim Chinese is supporting Malay sensitivities, and it is downright insensitive to Malays and non Malays as well. Such a topic is best left to the politicians to fight for, and not an educationist.

By Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Non Malays must understand that not all Malays support government policies, especially policies that hinder progress, and policies that favour one particular race. The Malays are a proud race, and can stand on their own two feet. NEP does not benefit the majority of Malays, only a certain elite. This is a fact. And many policies that are seen to benefit Malays are just a front for certain others to reap the benefits. Malays have come to accept this sad fact, and are very much against this policy that is an insult to any right-thinking Malay.

Malays are also very pissed that non-Malays actually think that the government is pro-Malay while it is actually taking care of its own ricebowl. The government is not UMNO alone, but MCA and MIC, and other component parties that have their own agendas, and the Malays are pretty left out. If NEP and Ketuanan Melayu policies were a success, the Malays would be way ahead of the other races by now.

Look at this scenario: UMNO is seen to be assisting the Malays, MCA; MIC and other component parties are not assisting their counterparts. Yet the non-Malays do not chide the MCA, MIC and others for not doing their part. Instead, the Malays are blamed for accepting this aid.

If the non-Malays are sensible enough, they should support the Malays and not hurl insults and snide remarks that Malays are a preferred lot, a pampered lot, and that Malays are indirectly dependant on government aid, or have better opportunities. Non-Malays unconsciously believe and group the Malays into a race that is insensitive to other races, or trying to protect its interests, which is absolutely untrue.

True Malays are a sensitive lot, humble and respectful of the people and situations around them. Non-Malays are very comfortable with the Malays. Malays, because of their beliefs, further restrain themselves from saying or doing things that may hurt other people’s feelings. However, this is not true of certain politicians.

The MSM portrays a different picture, with its vast propaganda machine seeking to dispense half-truths to ensure that the populace is kept in fear of the future. Propaganda, that seeks to disunite the people, and keep them suspicious of each other. The fact that only half the Malays support BN and the rest PR is testament that Malays are not conned into believing that BN is supportive of one particular race.

Certain quarters have an agenda, to distance the races from uniting, and slowly succeeding in their quest to sow dissent and distrust. The Divide and Rule policy is a powerful tool to cling on to power.

Malaysians must unite and ensure that no one tries to tear apart the Malaysianess in all of us, or lie to us that our fellow Malaysians are our own enemies. The MSM is winning the war especially with non-Malays, having a chip on their shoulder, that the Malays are the favoured lot in this country.

Ketuanan Melayu is a fallacy and does not apply to the majority. The Malays know it and are not in the least interested in this agenda. What they really care about is their future, their beliefs, and their right to live an honest life. True Malay Muslims care about the future of this country, and they care about human rights, fair play, and a sense of being a Malaysian. They care about freedom of expression, job satisfaction, and to leave behind a better place in this world for their kids.

Our beloved religion is hijacked by politicians and used as a tool to disunite the races, and a tool to ram through policies that defies fair-play. So much so, many have come to question the religion and fear it. Unconsciously, in their zealousness, these people have caused many others to make a mockery out of the religion. So sad!

We are angry about this sorry state of affairs in this country, and the false sense of security, and the gross misinterpretation that the Malays are a favoured lot. BN has lost its focus to govern this nation, and has lost touch of the current situation. The task of rectifying this nation’s blunders has proven to be too monumental – and they have resorted to constant denials that are slowly tearing this nation apart.

So if the non-Malays still think the present government is worth saving, then they are way behind the Malay majority that voted for change.

In conclusion, if non-Malays are disillusioned with government policies, they should address this situation at its root, and not vent their disappointments on the poor Malays. The government is at fault, not the Malays.