Wee, why work for free?

I refer to the news item “MCA rebel leader decries character assassination” (published in malaysiakini Dec 26). I think Wee Ka Siong’s clarification only raised more questions than it answers. While there is no question that the services offered by his company, Hijau Sekitar Sdn Bhd, to Wijaya Baru is legal and valid, there are moral questions which went unanswered.

By Susan Long Chi Huey, Kampar, Perak (The Malaysian Mirror)

Why did Wee do work for free for Wijaya Baru, which is owned by Tiong King Sing, the man who is closely-linked to the Port Klang Free Zone scandal? As we all know, corporations would only do something for free on one of two conditions: either the bosses of Hijau Sekitar has a very cosy relationship with Tiong or Wee expects something back from Tiong in the long-run.

pkfz-wee-ka-siong.jpgIn any case, this has given rise to further questions about why Wee has been so adamant in wanting to topple his MCA boss, Ong Tee Keat. Was Wee in any way trying to protect Tiong, who has been on a warpath with the Minister of Transport who opened the can of worms that is the PKFZ?

On hindsight, questions are now being raised on why Wee, as the MCA Youth head, has been lying low despite the ferocious attacks against Ong after the PKFZ scandal blew up. In the past, the Youth movement would have been at the forefront coming to the president’s defence, what more on an issue which resonates with the people of all races. But the silence on the part of the MCA Youth chairman was deafening.

Now, one wonders if Wee has been scheming to topple Ong as party president even before the watershed October 10 MCA EGM. In an MCA Youth central committee meeting chaired by Wee before the EGM, top leaders from the movement were told to take sides. But after the EGM, Wee forced the Youth CC to show their political allegiance in a move clearly aimed at undermining Ong’s leadership.

All these only lends credence to speculations that Wee has ulterior motives in wanting to topple the MCA president. Is Wee’s maneouvering in the current MCA crisis influenced by forces outside the party who are upset with Ong over PKFZ? Or did he overnight became an ardent believer in integrity (his so-called reasons in wanting Ong to quit) despite his relative silence with regards to the PKFZ issue (which is also as much about integrity and accountability) ?

Wee needs to clarify this and not hide behind the legal and technical arguments about why he has done nothing wrong in the business arrangement with Tiong. This is not a legal or business issue. This is a political issue involving transparency, accountability and integrity. Nothing short of a full and total clarification from Wee is expected.