The Sky’s no limit

The air force came out with the statement that they kicked out the BG because he was incompetent. Therefore the BG is not our Ali.

Why are there conflicting news coming out from the government? The defence ministers appeared to be suggesting that this ex BG and 40 other people were involved in the theft. Now, the RMAF appeared to contradict their minister by saying the BG was sacked because of incompetency. Are they referring to the same BG? Could it be possible there were two generals involved? One known or be made known to minister Zahid, the other known to RMAF? The IGP says, the police are questioning a few generals.

The air force may be doing an exercise in damage control. Military debriefing, they say. There was only one BG involved. The BG may be the prime suspect. But the premature exposure may derail better investigations. The BG may take measures to cover his tracks. RMAF suddenly realizes it is too excited. They have blown open their action. The suspects got wind and they are countering.

It is impossible for a person to attain the rank of a BG to have done so through incompetence. That would suggest his superiors were more incompetent than he. Or it would also suggest that the system it has as regards career progression is compatible and suitable to allow incompetents to rise through the ranks. This would then lend credence to the expression, not only does the cream rise to the top, the scum does too. 

If that is, then it calls into question, the quality of our airmen. Can they be depended upon to defend our country? If one incompetent BG is a measure of the general quality of his subordinates( the entire division which he heads), our air defence is suspect.