The Hunt for Rebel RPK

After a nice relaxing Yuletide celebrations, it’s back to reality, getting a hangover, no, not from the Shiraz or over indulgence of excesses , but rather the rancid frothing of idiotic and moronic happenings in BolehLand.

Who said BolehLand is a land of bores and the mundane. There is so much excitement including sex-citement that most who don’t migrate wants to experience a ‘Truly Assed Up’ nation they can’t get anywhere. After all one is often reminded that money isn’t anything in life right? Who wants a boring life in a western democracy where it is about your own interest, your own comfort, your own ego and all that.

Here in BolehLand, folks are concerned about the bigger pictures and issues affecting almost everything and everyone, even issues of God, at least the use of His name. Even over Christmas greetings, using ‘Allah’ to send greetings of peace and goodwill is considered offensive to God. That’s why the politically correct way to remember Jesus Christ’s birth is this truly universal and less controversial name, Santa Claus.

So now one should not be surprised why there seemed to be more Santa Clauses and about Santa as well as display of opulence, richness and extravagances for Christmas than one is reminded of the squalid and poor beginning of Jesus and his message of Peace, Goodwill and Love were not connected with what the celebration of Christmas is today.

And yours truly is one guilty of being sucked into good ole Jolly Santa’s merry making than be reminded of humility and message of peace and love.

And in BolehLand, while the world grabbled with the unkind weather and sought to enjoy the festivities, there is no shortage of stupid things happening even during the holy season.

The one that would certainly bring even more smile to Santa’s face is the Hunt for the ‘fugutive’ Raja Petra, who have been playing a cat and mouse game with the MOHA and police to arrest him.