RYReps: Letter to Dr Mahathir

1Malaysia? I don’t think you believe in it, right?

By Rate Your REPS

Malaysian Insider (24/12/2009)
Mahathir: Lupakan negara asal, kita rakyat Malaysia
PULAU PINANG, Dis 24 — Setiap orang di Malaysia harus mengetepikan Negara asal mereka dan mesti menganggap mereka adalah seorang rakyat Malaysia bagi menjayakan konsep 1 Malaysia, kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. read more

RYReps says…
Dr Mahathir,
FYI, the only country I belong to is Malaysia. I do not have any sense of belonging to any other countries, China or India. Just like most Malaysians, I’m born, raised, educated and working in Malaysia. Maybe our grandparents longed to return to China or India to see their parents, brothers, sisters, nephews or nieces there. But not my father, and definitely not me. The only family I know of is all in Malaysia, just like most Chinese and Indian in Malaysia. Perhaps, our roots go all the way back to those countries, but that’s just it. Every one of us has our roots originating from somewhere, including you, right?

So, instead of asking us to forget where we descent from, be it from China or India, you should ask whether UMNO Malays, Utusan Malaysia and you yourself can forget that Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian comes from China and India.
Can you?

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