We are not some Tin Pot African Nation

I read with disappointment a story under the caption “Where is the RM 100 billion?” Of which the writer made a comment that “we are not some Tin Pot African Nation”.  With this remark, the writer is portraying African Countries as what? Look down on African Nations or what does that mean? And when did African countries transport their citizens to Malaysia to be fed with the wealth of Malaysia for her achievements after independence?

By Stephen Tetteh

African countries and their citizens respect Malaysia and therefore people who claim to be peace makers and sinless people who care so much should not be coming out with such remarks because there are many Diplomats from various African countries who read the news from this website and they will be disappointed, like myself, to have read this story.

Please desist from such disappointing remarks because anybody who respects the right of others should not be saying such things. Malaysia has never fed anybody from any African country yet, therefore Africans must be left alone to wallow in her quest for survival.

African countries are happy the way they are and it’s Malaysians who rather go there to cheat them by imposing themselves on them to be majority on boards while they hold the minority shares in African companies and such things are rather not talked about.

Please and please again, enough of betraying African countries and their leaders in your comments and conversations.

Thank you.