Round 2: Prosecution asks for timeout

Nevertheless, they decided to go for Ramli, a case that is supposed to involve a bribe of RM25,000. But they did not bother to investigate the two murder cases or the police officers named who took bribes to cover up the two murders.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Malaysia IS Zimbabwe, says Zaid

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has applauded constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari for speaking out about the rotten state of the rule of law and democracy in Malaysia. “Nothing will change unless those who know rise up to expose the vermin (that are) eating and destroying our national institutions and democratic values,” said Zaid, once the de facto law minister.

Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng alluded to imbalances in governance, with the executive able to strong-arm the judiciary and legislature with impunity. He expressed no surprise over the claim that the BN violates the constitution, noting that there have been many instances where the federal government has bypassed the supreme law in making decisions.

Universiti Malaya social sciences lecturer Noor Sulastry Ahmad acknowledged the situation. “This is political hegemony. Most politicians, especially from the ruling coalition manipulate and use (various) institutions to ensure the status quo and to maintain their grip on power,” she said. As a case in point, she referred to the sacking of Salleh Abas as Lord President in 1988, which effectively brought judicial independence to an end.

That was what was reported by Malaysiakini today. The long and the short of it is the powers-that-be uses the legal system and the judiciary for political ends. And, according to this report, this has been going on for a long, long time (

Now let’s take a walk down memory lane to a period ten years back in time. Ten years ago, Anwar Ibrahim faced two trials. The first was for the crime of corruption and the second was for sodomy.

The key ‘evidence’ in both those trials was the testimony of the Prosecution’s ‘Star Witness’. There was no other evidence other than the sole testimony of this so-called victim.

But the Prosecution’s Star Witness was unreliable. He kept changing his testimony. He said one thing during one trial and another thing in the next trial. In fact, the Prosecution’s Star Witness finally admitted three times while under oath that Anwar Ibrahim never sodomised him at all.

Even the trial judge was irritated. He blurted out that the witness is so unreliable. “He says one thing today and another thing tomorrow,” said the judge. However, in his written judgement, the judge said that the witness may be inconsistent and may actually even have lied but this does not mean his entire testimony needs to be rejected. He finds the testimony of the witness “as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar”.

This judge probably obtained his law degree from the back of a Cornflakes box.

Anyway, ten years on and we are still seeing the same thing in the trial of Rosli Dahlan. And the Prosecution’s Star Witness is the Deputy Public Prosecutor, Anthony Kevin Morais — who is also the MACC’s Deputy Director of Legal and Prosecution.

There are actually two trials going on almost simultaneously. In one court is the trial of Ramli Yusuff, the ex-Director of the Commercial Crimes Department. That trial has just wound up. In another court is the trial of Rosli Dahlan, Ramli’s lawyer. That trial has just kicked off.

However, so early in the trial and the Prosecution is already asking for timeout. It seems Anthony Kevin Morais needs to fly to London for Christmas. Is he maybe seeking out that flat in Bayswater, which the mainstream newspapers reported to be where RPK is ‘holed up’?

Actually, the Prosecution is in a dilemma. Their ‘Star Witness’ is proving to be inconsistent. He appears to have said one thing during Ramli’s trial and something else during Rosli’s trial.

Now, we must note at this point that Anthony Kevin Morais is a Christian and he wants to adjourn the trial so that he can fly to London for his Christmas Holidays. Maybe he realises he has broken two of the Ten Commandments and therefore should maybe take a break over Christmas. I mean, one should not do unchristian things during Christmas and lying and bearing false witness are certainly unchristian things (and so is frequenting gay clubs in London as we hope Anthony Kevin Morais will take note).

Finally the truth is surfacing. Ramli was never the subject of any report or investigation for corruption. In fact, when that alleged crime was supposed to have taken place Ramli was somewhere else altogether.

And the man who made that allegation was a criminal under detention who agreed to testify that he paid a few police officers bribes to ‘settle’ two murder cases but he never identified Ramli as one of those police officers. In fact, he specifically mentioned Ramli’s name in relation to another case, not in relation to the murder case.

Nevertheless, they decided to go for Ramli, a case that is supposed to involve a bribe of RM25,000. But they did not bother to investigate the two murder cases or the police officers named who took bribes to cover up the two murders.

The issue is simple. Someone breaks into a house and rapes and murders a woman and someone else walks by and sees the door open and steals a RM100 watch from the woman. You are hell bent on getting this thief who stole the RM100 watch but are not in the least bit concerned about the rape and murder of the woman. In fact, you totally ignore the rape and murder and do not even open a file on the matter. Your only concern is the theft of the RM100 watch.

That, basically, is what the court has been told.

One crucial point to this whole case is that the entire thing was built around the testimony of an underworld figure called Moo Sai Chin who was under detention. He agreed to exchange his testimony for an early release. So, instead of spending a year under detention he could see freedom in only one month. Clearly, this mobster had a vested interest. He would say anything just to get an early release. And if he were asked to say that he bribed police officers to cover two murders then he would do just that.

So, Moo has admitted to involvement in two murders. And he further admitted to bribing several police officers to ‘settle’ the murder case. He even named them and Ramli is not one of those named. Why then go for Ramli? And why not investigate the murders and the police officers who took bribes to cover up these murders?

That is most puzzling indeed. 

Then, Anthony Kevin Morais said he launched an investigation on Rosli because he is ‘associated’ with Ramli. In what way is he associated with Ramli? Well, the both went to the same university to read law. This, according to Anthony Kevin Morais, means they are associated. Furthermore, Rosli has acted for Ramli is a few legal matters.

Because of this Rosli was investigated. Tan Sri Sanusi Junid also went to the same school as Anwar Ibrahim so does this also make Sanusi an American agent and a tool of the Jews and so on (according to the BTN) just like Anwar? Should Sanusi also be dragged in and asked whether he sodomised Saiful?

They realise that the argument of how Rosli is ‘associated’ with Ramli is very weak and they now need to change that story. So the new story is that Rosli is not really an associate of Ramli but merely a witness in Ramli’s case.

Many more odd things transpired during the trial. The bottom line is, Anthony Kevin Morais has been caught with his pants down and was totally stripped naked in court. Now they have to go back to the drawing board and redo their very contradictory and stupid story.

So it looks like it will have to be after Christmas now. Merry Christmas, Anthony Kevin Morais, and don’t forget to attend confession. You sure got a lot of cardinal sins to worry about.