Lawyer Rosli Dahlan wins a point

By Beh Kay Hieng, Free Malaysia Today 

The Sessions Court today dismissed Rosli Dahlan’s application, filed by lawyer K. Kumarendran in which the notice served was mala fide.

Speaking outside the court, Kumarendran said  the application, however,  precludes the defendants from questioning the Deputy Public Prosecutor on the validity of the notice.

“We have submitted that we need to establish the facts in the case to show that the DPP has no grounds on  the issue of  the notice is mala fide” said Kumarendran.

The case continues on 6 Jan 2010, with a cross examination by the DPP.

Yesterday, Kumarendran insisted in the Sessions Court  that the notice served on Rosli  was a “fix up.”

Kumarendran argued that the notice was of “malicious intent” and the witnesses involved were not credible. The notice should therefore not have been issued, he added.

He said the notice was issued on the bases of a witness’s statement and bank reports and that these were insufficient to warrant it.

That the bank statements showed withdrawals from an account did not automatically mean that the money went to former Commercial Crime Investigations Department Director Datuk Ramli Yusuf, he said.