Top guns will not be spared, says Minister

(Free Malaysia Today) – After initially stating that only low ranking officers were involved in the RMAF jet scandal, Defence Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi  is now saying that action will  be taken against top officers overseeing the fighter jets at the time when the RM50mil engines were stolen.

He said  the action to be taken will be decided during the next meeting of the Malaysian Armed Forces Council in which he was the chairman.

Describing the thieves as traitors to the nation and that it was an inside job, Dr Ahmad  Zahid said  the company which bought the stolen engine had a base in Malaysia, branches in neighbouring countries and international connections.

To whether the engine had fallen into the hands of terrorists, he said he could not confirm this but such a loss could not be tolerated

The Defence Minister said those found guilty would have to pay a heavy price for the crime.

He said his ministry had already conducted a domestic inquiry into the missing engine and its findings will be disclosed to the public via court proceedings.

Speaking to reporters after receiving a courtesy call from Maldives’ Defence Minister Ameen Faisel, he said  those involved  have been identified through the inquiry and  they would not escape the law.