BN = Israel?

Then, what difference is UMNO from Israel who collectively punish Palestine citizens? Wtf! Wtf!

By RY Reps

TheStar (21/12/2009)
Mustapa: Kelantan to get ‘wang ehsan’ next year
KOTA BARU: Kelantan is expected to get its compassionate payment (wang ehsan) as early as next year, depending on the conditions set by Petronas and the total amount of oil extracted from the rigs.
International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said there was still much work to be done to determine the actual amount of money and how this should be spent on the rakyat. read more

RYReps says…

If given a choice, who will Malaysian trust their money with, UMNO or PAS? UMNO, on one side, is known to be ‘rotten to the core’, worships money and uses racism and threat to perpetuate their hegemony in Malaysia. PAS, on the other side, abhors materialism and corruptions, guided by religion and its leader lives in moderations. One example is to look at Nik Aziz’s house (MB Kelantan for 20 years) compared to Khir Toyo’s castle (MB Selangor for 8 years). Get the point?

The ‘Wang Ehsan’ that will be given to Kelantan will still be controlled by the Prime Minister’s Department. Thus, it’ll effectively give the federal government control over developmental projects funded by oil royalty in Kelantan, which is rightfully belongs to the Kelantan State Government. The objective is to starve off the Kelantan state government from getting hold of the money so that developments under Pakatan Rakyat’s constituencies will be impeded due to lack of funding. Wtf! This is blackmail!

Kelantanese are given the ultimatum/ threat/ blackmail. You either vote for BN or your area will be flooded each year comes the monsoon season because BN won’t repair your drainage system using the “Wang Ehsan’. Either vote for BN or the road you’ll have will be full of potholes. Either vote for BN or there will be no bridges to shorten your travel time from 1hour to 10 minutes when you go to the market or to your neighboring village. Your mother will just have to cycle a bit further distance and longer duration. BN won’t care if you don’t vote for BN. Understand?! Wtf!!

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