Where is the RM 100 billion?

Dr. Mahathir likes to think that due to his expert wisdom and sound planning Malaysia is much much better off than the countries that achieved independence around the similar time.

Well I actually went and pulled out all the countries that had acheived independence between 1945 – 1970. So its about 10 years before us and 10 years after us.

None of the countries surveyed had as much wealth as Malaysia.

You name we have it.

Palm Oil, Rubber, Tin, Gold, Oil, Natural Gas, Tourism, Trade, Timber, Ports, Railway, Agricultural land, Small Industry, Roads, Domesticated workforce.

All of that we had. In fact, under the British, the Straits Settlements had already been marketed abroad. People knew who we were. We were not some Tin Pot African Nation.

So with all of that and with Dr. Mahathir’s fine leadership for 22 years, with all the mega projects, you know in 2009, we should be way head over shoulders than all the countries that had independence around the same time.

Yeah right.

Think Again.