The MACC will eat shit tomorrow (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)


The MACC has built its case on a house of straw. It leaked information to the MSM that a certain very senior police officer has undeclared assets totalling RM27 million. When Rosli Dahlan, the police officer’s lawyer, replied to the charge and proved that the allegation is a load of hogwash, the MACC went for the lawyer. And this is what they did to my lawyer as well, which I will reveal later.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

On Monday 21 December 2009, Rosli Dahlan is going to court to face a charge of not replying to a letter from the MACC. It seems not replying to a letter from the MACC is a crime. The thing is, Rosli did reply to that letter. He replied by asking for further clarification. But instead of responding to Rosli’s letter they came to his office and arrested him.

Is this a simple cut and dry case of not replying to a letter, which Rosli did? Or is there more than meets the eye?

The case is actually more complex than what they are making it out to be. It is not really about Rosli at all. It is about the one-time CCID Director, Ramli Yusuff. The IGP, Musa Hassan, wants Ramli removed. But Rosli is standing in the way and hindering the effort to remove Ramli.

But why does the IGP want Ramli removed? Well, it is an eleven-year old story that relates to the sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim back in 1998. Yes, that is how far the story goes.

Ramli was the police officer who held back the then IGP Rahim Noor who was beating up Anwar in the police lockup in Bukit Aman. Anwar was handcuffed and blindfolded at that time. Ramli was standing outside the cell and when he heard Anwar shout he rushed into the cell and discovered Rahim beating up Anwar. Ramli then grabbed Rahim, his boss, and pulled him out of the cell.

Ramli then requested medical treatment for Anwar but Rahim refused. Anwar was left unconscious on the lockup floor until the following morning before Rahim allowed Dr Vasantha to attend to him. But the doctor was told to just treat Anwar and not ask any questions as to who beat him up.

Initially, Rahim denied beating up Anwar. A Royal Commission of Inquiry was then held and during the Inquiry Ramli testified that is was Rahim who beat up the then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Rahim was subsequently sacked and spent two months in the Kajang Prison.

For his ‘sin’ of testifying that Rahim was the culprit who beat up Anwar, Ramli was sent into cold storage and his subordinate, Musa Hassan, eventually bypassed him and went on to become the new IGP, until today.

But Musa was due to retire in 2007. And once he retires then Ramli would become the new IGP. But they could not afford for Ramli to take over as the new IGP. Musa, who fixed up Anwar on the sodomy charges in 1998, would still be needed so that Anwar can be kept in check. So they had to remove Ramli so that Musa could stay on as the IGP. And that’s when they executed the plan on how to bring down Ramli on so-called charges of not declaring assets worth RM27 million.

Now, Anwar is facing a second sodomy charge dubbed Sodomy II. And, again, Musa is the man behind the plan to fix up Anwar. If Musa were allowed to retire and Ramli took over as the new IGP, this plan would be thwarted. Musa has guaranteed Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak that he has enough ‘evidence’ to send Anwar to jail for a long, long time. So Musa has to stay on as IGP and Ramli has to go. And anyone in the way for this to happen, such as Rosli, has to be brought down as well.

That is the simple crux to the whole issue. But that is not how the Prosecution will present its case against Rosli on Monday. Anwar’s Sodomy II case and ensuring that Musa stays on as the IGP and getting rid of Ramli in the process to make sure this will happen will not be argued in court. Instead, they will say it’s a simple and straightforward case of Rosli not replying to a letter from the MACC.

I don’t know how the court will rule. But in the Court of Public Opinion we know what the real issue is all about. And it does not matter what the court will rule because most Malaysians know that the court will do the bidding of the political masters.

Ummo is desperate. And yesterday’s Pakatan Rakyat Convention is making Umno even more desperate. It appears like Pakatan Rakyat has finally got its act together. And this is bad news for Umno. So Musa will have to ensure that Anwar gets sent to jail on the Sodomy II charge. And Musa will be retained as IGP, even though he was supposed to retire in 2007, until at least Anwar has been sent to jail.

Anwar must die. Ramli must die. Rosli must die. Only then can Umno live on. And on Monday, 21 December 2009, it will all become very clear when Rosli’s case is argued in court and the real story behind this whole issue unveils.


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