The Brahmin Bumiputera vs the Pariah Bumiputera

Let me begin with a story. I invite you to spot the difference between a Brahmin Bumiputera and a Pariah Bumiputera.  Sometime ago, Halim Saad of Renong fame, got a contract to lay submarine cables. These are communication cables made from fiber optics. They were to be supplied by a local company. Call it Xco Sdn. Bhd. That wouldn’t be hard to identify, because the supply of optical cables was and is monopolized by only one company. 

The contract to install the submerged cables was quite lucrative. The person associated with the supply of optic cables wanted a piece of the action. It’s a natural extension of our business, he declares. So he went over to randy Halim Saad and made an offer the latter couldn’t refuse. 

Halim Saad had to relent because Mr. Xco was exceedingly well connected. It was said, light could travel through the cable he had, faster than the best optic cables produced by Corning. Mr. Xco then was also developing one pristine Island off the coast of Sabah into a diver’s haven. 

He went to Halim Saad because Mr. Xco knows Halim Saad can understand where he is coming from. He comes from a world, where you get things by being who you are, by being from this genetic pool. Halim Saad can relate to these things- for he can relate to anyone being a member of MC-gay-gay whose membership entitles the members to get things as of right. He comes from a world where rules apply only to common folks and he, being of a special breed is excluded from mundane rules. He comes from a world where all the good things in life are meant only for the likes of him such as the phallic pleasures of driving in Porsche Cayennes or straddling in palatial mansions in Lorong Tun Ismail, somewhere in the pristine enclaves of KL, away from Proletarian Chow Kit. Halim Saad knows and understands all these. 

In order to lay down the cables, Mr. Xco and his people bought and operated a cable laying vessel. She was christened SOB- not Son of A Bitch but Spirit of Borneo. So, she was put to use to lay down the cables with workers on board.

One day, an engineer who was doing consulting work inspected the vessel. To his horror, he found all the ship’s certificates had expired. Anyone who operates or owns any type of ocean going vessel, will know that a ship must be certified seaworthy of ocean going. There are a number of certificates which any ship must pass upon inspection. The bloody SOB had nothing passed. It was unfit and not safe to operate with.

The engineer knew who owns the ship. What can he do? He can’t complain to Halim Saad or the local authorities. What he did, was to complain to the union of ship workers which made such as ruckus that the SOB was taken out of service.

No sooner was it taken out; SOB was back in operations within the next 2 days. The leader of the shipping workers union called his engineer friend to ask whether he knows who the owner is. The engineer replied he didn’t. 

Who is Mr. Xco? 

Mr. Xco illustrates how a special Bumiputera operates.

We shall not mention names. He is a typical Brahmin Bumiputera. The rest of the Bumiputera are the Pariah Bumiputeras. Hence, when we talk about Bumiputera, we must be clear as to which type of Bumiputera are we talking about? Some bumipteras are more equal than others. 

How do you differentiate between the Brahmin Bumiputera and the Pariah Bumiputera?