‘M’sia is Zimbabwe by another name’


(Malaysiakini) – Without mincing his words, political analyst Abdul Aziz Bari likened those who hold the reins of power in Malaysia to a bunch of ‘thugs’.

According to him, these individuals do as they please without proper regard for the law of the land and the percepts laid down in the federal constitution.

“We are like Zimbabwe, just with another name!” stressed the law expert.

Zimbabwe under President Robert Mugabe has earned international infamy over it’s questionable policies and use of the legal system and laws to prop up the government.

Elaborating, Abdul Aziz said: “I don’t know how else to call them, sometimes we need to call a spade, a spade. What we have is a state of lawlessness, it’s like the law of the jungle.”

He pointed to the recent overturning of the high court decision regarding the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency’s (MACC) right to interrogate beyond office hours as a glaring example.

“It is painful to hear the court of appeal decision. They are using the provision to overrule the high court, saying it is silent on the matter,” he told Malaysiakini.