UMNO and MCA-brother or satellite vassal?


The way UMNO is handling the MCA crisis is tactically wrong. Tactics are employed at winning battles. Strategy is the better way. It is for winning wars. Strategy is for longer term. The longer term interest is to ensure MCA retains the trust of the Chinese community. It must see MCA as a dependable, rational and stable representative of the Chinese community. 

Now how has UMNO been doing its part to help out MCA?

First, it’s treating MCA just like a little brother who needs twisting on the ear. Not respectable to treat a party which has helped out UMNO since the 1940’s not just by delivering Chinese allegiance but at times, material help.

Two, it offers solutions to MCA in pompous and even arrogant manner- everything splashed on the political silver screen. Muhyidin is not going to get best actor award for that. You are asking the MCA to accomplish something within a forced time table. The MCA leaders have been battling it out for over 18 months. 

How does this typical arrogant UMNO approach create more damage than healing process?

Very simply, it makes MCA lose face. Not just to MCA, but to all Chinese in general losing face is a big deal. UMNO makes MCA lose face. It loses trust. In Chinese culture, losing face, saving face and giving face is very important and should never be forgotten. A person can lose face as a result of confronting an individual or putting them on the spot or acting in an arrogant manner or failing to show appropriate respect.

Has UMNO accorded MCA mutual respect? 

Perhaps, it’s timely to give UMNO a reminder in the exercise of humility. Please remember that in the last general elections UMNO candidates obtained 2.38 million votes within which there was a sizeable portion of non Malay votes. Actual Malay votes UMNO candidates received were probably around the region of 2 million.

Accordingly please stop to think. You have 3.5 million card carrying, profanity shouting members and yet you could only muster 2 million Malay votes. That means more than 1 million of your own members rejected your half past six candidates. With this kind of legitimacy, you want to throw your weight around? 

There were over 5 million Malay voters in the last elections. That means over 3 million Malays did not vote for UMNO candidates, demolishing your claim that you are representing the Malays. What UMNO represents is just the concept of Malay interests and Malays as a concept simpliciter. In substance, it hopes to regain.