I no understand

I really don’t understand the logic of living in Malaysia. The way to live in Malaysia is to accept that to live happily, you have to (be) a hypocrite, a racist and a religious bigot. After all, since the entire system is based on hypocrisy, race and religion, you are living in paradise if you are a racist and bigot.

By James Chin, The Malaysian Insider

We Malaysians are really on par with the developed countries.

We produce thousands of university graduates every year and our academics keep winning “gold medals” in competitions in trade fairs where the entrance fees, more or less, guarantee you a bronze prize.

When this issue as raised in parliament four years ago the then Higher Education minister said he was no longer allow these sort of things to happen again. Well guess what — this year alone the newspapers reported at least six public universities taking part in these sorts of shenanigans again. Ahhhhh, our collective memory is short….

I see that the newspapers are printing warnings about the second wave of H1N1 about to hit Malaysia.

But guess what, the same ministry warning us, is organising a lot of events for the Health Minister where all sorts of people get together, all less than one metre from each other.

Thousands of rallies and events are planned for 1 Malaysia stunts.

See what I mean — you tell people to be careful and try to avoid crowds but you organise as many events as possible to infect as many people as possible…

Improve public transport so that more people will use the buses and trains.


You have two national car companies- do you really want them to suffer? After all, they are making it as cheap as possible to own a car. Can you really promote public transport and allow the national car to suffer?

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