Utusan Malaysia must stop playing with fire

I have lodged a police report today (14 December 2009) against the Utusan Malaysia for publishing and its writer Awang Selamat for writing highly seditious and irresponsible article which can incite racial hatred and cause public unrest in this country.

In his article dated December 12, 2009 about the Malay supremacy issue , Awang Selamat has said:-

“The DAP Vice-President, M. Kulasegaran had even pledged that he would continue to raise the issue and was not afraid of anyone.”

Awang has explained time and again that the Malay supremacy has never made the Malays as masters and the non-Malays as slaves. The Malay supremacy is just a symbol and the position of the Malay rulers act as a foundation of the nation in safeguarding the interest of Islam, Malay cultures and Malay language.

The concept of Malay supremacy is based on the national constitution. Does the DAP leaders which struggle for the Malaysian Malaysia concept want to push aside the position of the Rulers and prefer to turn Malaysia into a republic?

Awang tends to believe that this is the underlying struggle of the DAP. However due to the forced circumstances that does not favour the party, many of its underlying struggle has come out to the fore.

Indications are aplenty in the systematic preparation of the DAP towards achieving a republic nation with the main target to rewrite the Constitution. “

Since the eruption of the Malay supremacy controversy, I have explained what is the Malay supremacy concept.

On December 9, I have said the following:-

Ketuanan Melayu concept has nothing to do with the position of Malay Rulers and is not to be found in the Merdeka Constitution . It is a political concept propagated to serve not the Malay race, but the political interest of UMNO.

This concept should be replaced by the Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept which rightly stresses the people as the masters, not any one race.

The Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia concept is the necessary and right concept for Malaysia as it will make all Malaysians feel they are all truly Malaysians and ensure that they can all have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

It is therefore most unfair and highly seditious and irresponsible for Awang Selamat to accuse me and the DAP of wanting to push aside the position of the Rulers.

Awang can have misguided idea and wrong understanding of the Malay supremacy concept, but he must not make baseless, false and dangerous accusations against me and the DAP .

Such accusation can cause racial animosity and lead to public unrest in the country.

Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat must stop playing with fire.

If they intend to carry on their false accusation and political propaganda against me and the DAP, they should first read what Datuk Mohd Nazri and Lim Keng Yaik have recently said about the Malay supremacy advocates.

The December 12 Malaysiakini report on the question of Malay supremacy has clearly quoted Nazri , Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, as saying that Malay supremacy is not compatible with the Prime Minister’s 1 Malaysia concept.

A few days ago, the former president of Gerakan, Dr Lim Keng Yaik has also said that “if anyone pushed for Malay supremacy, then this person must be an ‘extreme racist’.

So are Utusan Malaysia and Awang Selamat going to say that both Nazri and Lim Keng Yaik have plans to rewrite the Constriction, should be detained under the ISA or should emigrate to other country?

POLICE REPORT 14 December 2009

Name: M.Kula Segaran

In yesterday Utusan Malaysia, Awang Selamat wrote false and seditious news under an article titled “Is Malaysia heading towards a republic?”

He said in the article article that ¡§Indications are aplenty in the systematic preparation of the DAP towards achieving a republic nation with the main target to rewrite the Constitution”

I have never questioned the special privileges as set out in Article 153 of the Federal constitution or any rights of the Malay Rulers.

He also asked YB Nga Kor Meng and I to migrate or if we continue to live in Malaysia , we should be detained under the Internal Security Act or alternatively be charged. This clearly shows, the writer has concluded we have committed wrongs which should result in detaining us.

The above actions and the words read together with the other averments in the article clearly shows Utusan Malaysia and the writer in inciting racial hatred which can lead to public unrest in the country.

M.Kula Segaran

MP Ipoh Barat.