NST the target of Third Defamation Suit

Once again news of the civil suits by En Rosli Dahlan have been blacked out from public knowledge in Malaysia such that only the foreign media will dare to report about them. This rings loudly against the Prime Minister’s reminder only days ago for the media to be responsible and factual in its reporting. It makes it appear that all that was said by PM Najib is mere rhetoric.

This “black out” is further evidence that the mainstream media is just an instrument of propaganda for those in the corridors of power as admitted by Mohammad Rahmat, former Information Minister, in his recent book.

Already, it is evident that the mainstream media was blacking out the story on Teoh Beng Hock’s death. The D-G MACC’s premature retirement is just an attempt to eclipse the soon to be released pathologist report that will be more damaging to the MACC.

In his latest suit against NST, En Rosli points to the NST as the main culprit that broke the “RM 27 Million Cop” story. Malaysians and especially lawyers must continue to support En Rosli in his quest to bring these abusers of the law to justice.