What Truth? Actual or Distorted?

From talking about The Bloggers’ Code, our PM has declared that “journalists, including those in the new media, have an important role in moulding the thinking of the people.”

By Masterwordsmith

In a news report at THIS LINK, PM Najib said:

“News channelled to the people will leave an impact. From the perspective of cognitive science, we are governed by subconscious thinking.

“If we are always bombarded by false information, they will be perceived as the truth,”Najib said at the Umno media appreciation night at the Putra World Trade Centre here yesterday.

He said the media could not use the excuse that it was hard to manage people’s perception.

“The truth is that each journalist and media practitioner, including in the new media, must have a sense of responsibility, empathy and concern when disseminating news, issues and ideas.

“What is being presented or conveyed is coated with thinking that can influence the masses and leave an impact on the well-being of Malaysians.”

Najib said freedom, fairness and justice must remain the bedrock of Malaysians.

Earlier, Media Prima executive director for news and editorial operations Datuk Ahmad A. Talib said media feedback on Najib and his deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, had been positive.

“You make good copy,” said Ahmad.

I applaud the PM and his team for this finely written speech and his awareness of the importance, influence and impact of the media. What does he have in the pipeline to ensure media personnel display positive values of freedom, fairness and what action will be taken if they don’t?

With all the unsubstantiated stories about the Altantuya case flying around, does this mean that our PM is giving the green light for the media to leave no stones unturned in their quest for truth? Can they wrest the truth from him in an interview?

In The Star, A.Asohan wrote:

HERE’S how any professional organisation, whether in the private or public sector, responds to complaints about the performance of its staff: It first hears the complainant out, gathers information and then determines if the staff member was at fault.

If so, it takes action against that worker, with the severity of this action depending on the seriousness of the transgression.

The last thing any professional organisation does in such a situation is to defend its representative in a knee-jerk manner, attempt to cast aspersions on the motive of the complainant, or itself complain about what a tough job it has. CLICK HERE to read more.


Many expect the authorities to take action against Utusan Malaysia for its irresponsible and provocative article ‘Alkishah India di India dan India di Malaysia’ which demonstrates racial insensitivity that could wreck our harmonious society and create confusion that could lead to retaliation. So far, nothing has happened and this seems to be the norm.