Azmin Ali oblivious PKR keeping Kitingan

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, The Malaysian Insider

The look on Azmin Ali’s face when he was asked to comment on PKR’s decision to keep Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan says it all. PKR vice-president notwithstanding, Azmin seemed utterly clueless about the party’s decision.

In fact, the question took him entirely by surprise. Azmin repeatedly asked the press for the details of the matter, expressing shock at the recent turn of events.

“I am not aware of the decision to reject Jeffrey’s resignation from the party, but my position is very clear,” said Azmin.

The PKR man stressed that the opposition party should not allow or entertain attempts to harass the party, and that PKR has to make firm decisions against these individuals.

“We should not allow any attempts by any individuals to hold the party at ransom. I think this is the time when the party has to be bold enough in making their decision, to be firm against any individuals who attempt to destroy the party.”

The Malaysian Insider today reported that PKR had rejected Kitingan’s decision to quit as party vice-president over a leadership tussle, as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim seeks to strengthen the party’s influence in East Malaysia.

The Sabah leader had announced his decision to quit two months ago and hinted at forming a new party as an act of rebellion against Azmin, who was made Sabah PKR Chief. Anwar later named Thamrin Jaini to lead the state leadership.