All Chinese are Rich???

It never surprises me that statements like the above can even be uttered by any thinking individual. The on-going case of Yong Vui Kong in Singapore, tried for Drug Trafficking, awaiting the gallows, is one perhaps shut out by most MSM. Strange. 

By John Doe

viu kong

Yong Vui Kong

The 40 or so individuals gathered at Hing Lim Park (Singapore) last Sunday with a photo-taking Session shows individuals who are emphatic enough for such an individual. What may surprise some is the fact that Yong is not even a Singaporean. No. He’s a Malaysian Chinese from Sabah. According to UMNO’s string of Myths, all Chinese are filthy rich. Well, either UMNO people are so extremely out-of-touch with reality, or they are Hell-Bent on perpetuating this lie, albeit with “other unknown devious Agendas” in their mind. 

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To the 40 of you Singaporeans, you have my utmost respect, and admiration; for even though he is not “one of yours”, you have been kind, and loving enough to feel compassion for your “neighbour” despite the fact that he has been convicted of a crime which potentially hurts the “end-users” in your community. What drives this stake to the heart is the magnamity of the 40 Singaporeans. Why? Because the very country which Yong is from habitually threatens to “turn off the water”, forcing Singaporeans to perpetually drink “Jamban-Juice”. In essence, you have effectively “shamed” the Malaysian Government by your generous, simple, and yet most powerful gesture of kindness. 

Amnesty International Canada, Margaret John, made a statement condemning the Execution-by-Hanging on the 12th Dec 2009. Yeoh has a temporal stay of execution and is currently pending an appeal. (Perhaps his last.)

Regardless of the outcome, the facts remain that he was from a poor Chinese family in Sabah. His Dad died, and his Mom (now not in top mental form) struggled to feed the entire family by herself. Yeoh went to KL when he was 14 years old and scraped a life selling pirated CDs and DVDs. (Those living in KL thus might have even bought bootleg discs from him without realizing it.) 

The official story also goes on to say how he peddled discs for his boss and was asked to make deliveries to Singapore. Gift-wrapped “presents” which he was strictly instructed never to open, nor question its contents. I believe he did this 6 times before already. We are left with very few options at this juncture. Either this (then) 19 year old was so naïve that he did not know what he was transporting for his Boss, or he was so desperate for work, that he would be willing to do anything to make ends meet. After all, in the Video Interview of his older brother, they were very poorly educated and had a dim future to look forward to. 

Point is, how many more Chinese are that way? While the rich fools in UMNO wave and kiss Kerises, the poor Chinese Communities are completely left to fend for themselves. Bahau Chinese would be a very good example of this. The soil is terribly infertile, and the Chinese rubber-tappers barely make RM10 a day. Less, or none if it rains. Yet, because of their skin color, they are deemed “unfit” for Government Aid. I believe the term is “tidak layak untuk sebarang peruntukan…”, while “certain individuals” from Negeri Sembilan are able to siphon off Millions of Dollars at a time; alleged or otherwise. 

I could go on and on with listing case-after-case, and kampong after kampong from Kampong Kaki Bukit in Perlis till Kukup in Johor where poor Chinese People live. However, if we are to believe anything which UMNO says, then the opposite must also be true. By perpetuating the lie that all “Malays are Poor”, then all “Malays” must be doomed to live a life of poverty. After all, according to UMNO propaganda, Malay=Poor.  

What a Horrible Formula to live by!! Based on some unfathomable-logic, UMNO has managed to convince Malaysians that “Malay-DNA” equates to poverty, and that the Chinese and Indians have somehow either robbed them, or are all rich simply because of their “Non-Malay DNA”. (I’m actually chuckling as I’m writing this sentence because this sounds so illogical.) Any thinking and forward-looking Malay should really look at themselves and ask “Why are UMNO people so extremely, overwhelmingly, extravagantly, and overtly rich, while the entire Malay Community is supposed to be bordering on starvation?” Toyo’s Rolex is cheap-shit. Look out for those wearing Phillip Patteks which cost US$55,000! That’s enough to feed your entire kampong for a couple of years! “Peruntukan Habis. Insyallah tahun depan..” is the most common lame-excuse they tell you. 

“Insyallah my ASS!” UMNO stole from the Malays; plain and simple!!

Because of UMNO, Malays have been losers since Merdeka. And Malays will continue to be losers as long as UMNO stays in power. 

While I feel absolutely no pity for drug-users, peddlers or importers, I am compelled to make the following statement to UMNO:

If Yeoh hangs in Singapore, then his blood is on UMNO’s hands because of your complete failure as an “elected” Government, because of your mono-racial concept of Malaysia.

And here’s THE reason why you failed, which I’m sure all MT readers would whole-heartedly agree. 

You need to categorize poor people by how little money they have. You NEVER categorize Poverty by Race, you Dumb Dropouts! 

And you take that Ugly-Gold-plated-UMNO-Keris and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine (as one MT reader put so poignantly)!