Hisham to Samy: Stop playing race card

(Free Malaysia Today) – There is no reason for the government to close down the Simpang Renggam detention centre, said Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein who ticked off  MIC president S.Samy Vellu today for playing the racial card.

“The MIC should stop playing politics and not harp on sentiments,” he replied to Samy Velu who had earlier in day in Petaling Jaya wanted the detention centre closed, saying that it has become a breeding ground for Indian criminals and the living condition in the centre was horrible.

“I had said this many times before…we cannot use the racial card to gain sympathy or support. The MIC should not make this a fodder for support,”  said Hishamuddin who is an Umno vice president.

Hishamuddin told reporters at a function there was no reason to shut down the facility as it was built for a purpose and “definitely not” to persecute any particular race or skin colour.

“Those who violate the law are guilty. They are sent to the facility for a reason and not because of the colour of their skin or their political ideology,” he said.