Bukit Antarabangsa – U turn in public disclosure

By Dr. Rafick

1. The news flash that came out late yesterday from the MB office that the Selangor Government intent to defer its decision on the disclosure of the BA landslide report certainly brought a shock to a lot of residents in BA. What many do not know is the reason behind this reversal of an earlier state decision.

2. We must remember that the current Selangor Government is a working in a system where largely it’s top and middle management executives are people who was bred and buttered by the former regime. These executives worked like a hawk to find ways and means to ensure destabilize the current government.

3. While it is clear that, Section 2(c) of the OSA clearly outlines the power of the people who can declassify any secret reports which in this case it includes the MB and nowhere in the OSA it states the limitation of the power of the MB with regards to something that has been classified as secret by another party. The OSA did not say that something that has been classified as Secret by one Authority cannot be declassified by another authority.

4. In the last few days, it seems that the MB and the State Exco has receives hint and pressure that the AG will charge them for declassifying the report. The State legal advisor is also in tune with the Federal counterpart. She failed to highlight under what section of the OSA or any other laws that prohibits the MB from doing what he did.

5. I believe as the MB, he has no choice but to put a break to it. He has to view it from many other angles. Prosecution of the MB and the entire State Exco can lead to destabilization and collapse of the State Government. The important observation that can be made here is that the State Government is with the people of BA and the Federal Government is not living up to its own motto. The Federal government talks about people’s first but in the case of BA resident, the people interest is last. What is so secretive about the report that it has detrimental impact on the Malaysian Government. Is the government worried that it will be sued by Superview Sdn Bhd or Syabas? Does this revelation will lead to some kind threat on the national security?

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