What the Greater Unity Plan involves and implies

By Thomas Lee

(1) Ignoring and dismissing the majority will of the party central delegates in wanting to remove the top two leaders by claiming that they lack the two-third vote to effect the dismissal, but not acepting the fact that the top two lack the support of more than half of the grassroots delegates.

(2) The coming together of the two former enemies for the sole purpose of retaining power despite losing massive support from the grassroots members. One leader is a shameless person who has no intergrity and lost all credibility when he reneged on his pledge that he will resign even if he lost by a vote but shamelessly stays on and becoming the laughing stock of the country. Another leader has a soiled reputation with his immoral behaviour the subject of ridicule and derision among the people, bringing disrepute to the party.
(3) The sacking of appointed central committee members who hold dissenting v‪iews and/or who want the double-ten EGM decision of grassroots delegates respected and implemented. The irony of the so-called “Greater Unity” Plan involves the chopping of heads, casuing further disunity and alienation among the party leaders and members. The hypocrisy of the whole fiasco has make the party the height of folly and mockery in the public eyes.
(4) The appointment of a young and immature political greenhorn and unfamiliar party lightweight, who is a son of the soiled leader, into the central committee as part of the horse-trading for “peace” reflects the immorality of the whole party power play. The fate and interest of the party have been made bargaining chips for the selfish personal agenda of two power-crazy individuals. Why is there no comment on this crony appointment by the party members?

(5) The removal of the women chief and youth leader from their legitimate positions as members of the presidential council is the height of authoritarian power practice as both are ex-officio vice-presidents. The derogatory and demeaning treatment of these two elected leaders is further debased by the appointment of their subordinates in their place. Such a detestable action, semblable to the fascism of  the tyrannical rule of Hitler, by a dictatorial president cannot be ignored and tolerated by the grassroots members.

(6) The interference and intervention of power forces from outside the party to effect the so-called Greater Unity Plan have shown the party to be a mere powerless puppet, a castrated political eunuch, in the national political arena and, hence, not worthy of support by the community it purportedly represents. The party has lost face and it will never recover from this current shameful episode. The beginning of the end of the party has started and the momentum of its dismantle is gaining strength, and the next general election will be its funeral and burial.

Quo vadis, MCA?