From behind the walls of the A-G Chambers

When one senior prosecutor refused to fix up RPK’s sedition trial by falsifying the evidence he was removed from the case and within 24 hours transferred to a court that hears cases involving unpaid credit cards and car installments. That is what the A-G Chambers has been reduced to; a tool to fix up cases of those opposed to those who walk in the corridors of power. It is time, however, that those of us inside the A-G Chambers speak out and reveal the truth. And today we are going to do just that.


From Inside the A-G Chambers

Malaysians must be reminded that Gani Patail and Musa Hassan are today Malaysia’s  A-G and IGP respectively as a reward for fixing up Anwar Ibrahim in the Sodomy I trial in 1998-1999. They remain as the IGP and A-G under Najib’s rule as a further reward for burying the Altantuya murder case for which Razak Baginda got away scot-free while RPK got charged for sedition and criminal defamation based on trumped-up charges and fabricated evidence.

To their mind, it should not be too difficult to get RPK convicted and stopped from being a nuisance to their plans. All they need is a police department, A-G Chambers and Judiciary working in tandem and in compliance to those who walk in the corridors of power in Putrajaya.

The modus operandi of fabricating evidence and amending the charges several times in the midst of a trial — as what happened to Anwar — have since become the SOP (standard operating procedure) in all cases where A-G Gani and IGP Musa are involved. That happens because: i) they fix up cases; ii) because of sheer incompetence, they don’t know how to fix the cases properly; iii) they know the courts will still help them to fix these cases even if they botched up badly.

This collaboration is a good example of Najib’s 1Malaysia.

To those who play by their rules, be prepared to suffer. Just look at how Anwar was convicted. And now they are doing the same to him in the Sodomy II trial as well. Even if you win the first round before some brave Sessions Court Judge or High Court Judge, you will still get fixed at the Court of Appeal or the Federal Court – the Superior Courts as these are called.

And I don’t need to tell you why they made Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi the Chief Justice — this despite the fact that the Shariah Court was about to punish him for taking a second wife without proper permission from the Qadi.

To disprove the woman’s claim that she was his second wife, (or was it third or fourth?), Zaki burned the marriage certificate which was evidence of his illegal marriage to that woman. So, without that evidence, all it proved was that he had merely convinced that woman they were already married so that she would allow him to screw her. Hey! Isn’t that also an offence? Never mind, though. Today, he is the Chief Justice and Muslims are not supposed to dig up someone’s bad past. So let’s leave that for another day.

The point is this. The Superior Courts (but don’t let them tell you the legal brains there are superior than that in the lower courts), which is closely monitored by Tan Sri Zaki, will cover-up for the A-G and the IGP. But if anyone else makes any mistake, you will surely pay for it, no matter how trivial. That’s what happened to Karpal Singh when he filed Anwar Ibrahim’s appeal in English. The Court of Appeal summarily dismissed the appeal — not that these Judges do not understand English.

In RPK’s sedition and criminal defamation trials, the police fabricated evidence by doing a cut-and-paste of Malaysia Today’s website and tried to pass it off as a downloaded printout of the articles RPK was alleged to have written. When RPK’s counsel, Gobind Singh, caught them red-handed, the A-G amended the charge.

That was not the only fabrication. There were many more.

They did that too in Dato’ Ramli Yusuff’s case. In case you have forgotten, Dato’ Ramli was the former Director of the CCID PDRM who had investigated the Along money-lending syndicate’s connection to Musa Hassan. IGP Musa Hassan needed to take Dato’ Ramli out. So Musa went to Gani and Gani advised him to use the MACC where Musa’s in-law was one of the Directors.

So they got the MACC to launch an investigation against Dato’ Ramli and roped in the mainstream media to create this sensational news that Dato’ Ramli was a corrupted cop who had RM27 million in his bank account. But they could not make that charge stick after Dato’ Ramli engaged his friend and lawyer, Rosli Dahlan, to prepare his defence. Since Rosli was a hindrance, he too must be taken out.

The game plan was easy. Publicly humiliate Rosli so badly so that all his clients would run away. They knew Rosli’s partners and corporate clients would not have the stomach for these things. After they charged Rosli, it was so easy to get to Ramli because everyone else got scared and could be made to toe the line — or else face the same consequences as Rosli.

Then they charged Ramli — but not for the RM 27 million originally bandied about because there was never any RM27 million in the first place. It was just a nice figure they plucked from the air. Instead, they charged Ramli for abuse of power in using a police Cessna plane, and for some small change. 

Already, the Court in Kota Kinabalu has discovered Musa Hassan’s hidden hands in making that false charge and acquitted Ramli without even calling for his defence. But A-G Gani Patail instantly filed an appeal.

Malaysians would still remember that A-G Gani did not want to file an appeal vs Razak Baginda’s acquittal. So why the appeal against Ramli? Because Ramli will be very dangerous to them if he comes back to the Police Force. Well, we will just have to wait and see what happens to the A-G’s appeal in the Superior Courts.

So that you get a clear picture, Ramli’s trial lasted 57 days (longer than most murder trials) in which IGP Musa Hassan was the 75th as well as the star witness, literally, as he has 4 stars on each side of his shoulders. Since his acquittal, Ramli has lodged a police report against the ACA officer Sok One a/l Esen who, as part of Musa Hassan’s conspiracy, fabricated a false charge against Ramli. Ramli is still hopeful that the Police Force will protect their brothers in blue and will investigate the MACC for it’s abuses against someone as senior as he was. Let’s see if Ramli’s hopes come true.

In the meantime, Rosli Dahlan, who was also involved in preparing the CCID’s affidavits when A-G Gani refused to represent the CCID in the Along investigation case, has launched a RM50 million claim. Despite Utusan Malaysia having profusely apologised for their “unethical journalism”, he still sued that UMNO newspaper and 11 officers of the MACC and A-G Chambers for fixing him up. Rosli remained furious that they did all that to him just because he defended Dato’ Ramli. Rosli has also filed a second suit against The Star and their pimp editors, Dato Seri Wong Chun Wai and Dato Lourdes Charles. Word has it that Rosli is also gunning for another mainstream media, the culprit which frontpaged the “RM 27 million Cop story”.

We are not sure if Rosli is aware that he is treading on very dangerous waters by taking on all the mainstream media, the MACC and the A-G Chambers all in one go. He must not forget that Goh Cheng Poh @ Tunku Goh, who was released by the A-G and who instead charged the six policemen for gathering false evidence against Musa, is still waiting to take him out.

These days, lawyers get hit very easily and the Police won’t give a damn if Rosli gets hit. Whatever may be Rosli’s motivations, he must either be very brave or is simply mad to take on all of them. You can rest assured they will start another propaganda to make Rosli look every inch the crooked lawyer, whereas the likes of VK Linggam is cleared by the A-G and Dato’ Nazri Aziz.

But what do you tell to Rosli who still believes the Courts is the last bastion of justice? 

In typical Gani Patail’s bumbling style, he directed his Chambers to file six statements of defence for 11 of the officers named, when only 1 would be sufficient as they are all government servants. But no, the A-G wanted to file six defences, as if the number of defences filed mattered. Well it did, when it was pointed out that the six statements of defence were filed wrongly!

The A-G Chambers had filed six statements of defence in the wrong court for a wrong court file number. That counts for six mistakes in one go! Under ordinary circumstances, that could be fatal and could lead to a judgement in default against these officers, in the manner Zul Rafique took such a judgement for Dato’ Azim against RPK. That’s also what the great Dato’ Shafee Abdullah did. And both claimed they had a big victory over RPK. Did they? 

Coming back to Rosli, did he do that? Did he take a default judgment against these officers? You would expect he would. After all that they did to abuse and assault him in front of his staff; after they handcuffed him till his wrist bled; after they mistreated him in the ACA dungeon lock-up; after they threw him into the ACA dungeon and refused him bail just to make sure he really suffered and will never not forget that one very long night in Ramadan 2007; after they humiliated him the next day by parading him handcuffed along the court’s corridors. And they did all that, just one day before Hari Raya Aidilfitri in October 2007 just to inflict the greatest pain and embarrassment to him, his wife and three kids. You would say fair game if he took default judgment against these officers the way Dato’ Azim and Dato’ Shafee took judgment against RPK. Did Rosli do that? No!

Instead of taking judgement in default against his abusers, Rosli politely called and wrote to the A-G’s Chambers to tell them of their mistake and requested they rectify the mistake. The following two letters show Rosli’s counsel writing to A-G Chambers and the AGC’s reply. Do you see a thank you in the AGC’s reply? Obviously not.

In case Rosli is deluded by his friends and counsel (and let me reveal that some of them are moles planted to distract him) into believing that his sense of fair play would be reciprocated by them, let me say just one thing: STOP DAY DREAMING MAN! These ungrateful bastards won’t think twice about pinning your balls on the wall. They do not deserve to be treated with decency. You just have to hit them hard and hit them with all that you got. Read that loud and clear Rosli! 

Rosli may be a smart lawyer who does not need anyone to teach him the law. But there is something we inside the A-G Chambers can teach him about beating the abusers of the law at their own game. And this is what we want to tell you, Rosli. You want to win your case badly? Then trick them the way they have tricked everyone else just to win a case.

See what RPK did to the sedition and false declaration charges? Today, RPK has been discharged and Musa Hassan is red-faced after making a public declaration that he will bring RPK back the latest by October 2009. Musa, it’s already mid November. Your time’s up!

So Rosli, look at what has happened and don’t ever say we did not tell you – don’t bother being a gentleman with this AG, IGP or even the Courts!