Crimes of Politicians

In Malaysia UMNO has total power to break or make a businessman Either to enrich them or destroy them. UMNO is free to do almost anything it likes in the economic realm. And in an UMNO where principles of any kind are widely regarded with contempt and dishonest politicians are many, the businessman are compel to pay money and bribes   to politicians to do business.

By Steadyaku47

They will also pay bribes to government officials. Bribes paid as extortion money to avoid being harm by these government officials and bribes that are paid to use government apparatus for their own gains. An economy such as what we have now allows the Government Carte Blanc to intervene in almost any situation – which by its very nature allows for much corruption and immorality.

Now add to this mix Bumiputra Status and the “entitlement syndrome” of the cronies of those in power – then what is created is a façade of big business doing well with preferred Malays. But in reality what happens is that a massive amount of capital is put into efforts to sustain the appearance of prosperity – of success – in the mistaken belief that if such efforts were continued long enough – then the façade of prosperity will become a reality and conceal the initial con! And in all these situations the money to sustain these fraudulent facades comes legally from Public Funds – from EPF, from Petronas, from Proton, Tabung Haji – all government controlled institutions.

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