PM to meet MCA leaders to solve crisis

By Loh Foon Fong, The Star

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he will meet leaders of opposing groups in the MCA to solve the current crisis, preferably before the proposed extraordinary general meeting (EGM)on Nov 28.

He voiced his concern that the MCA crisis was getting worse and what the party had done so far did not give confidence to the people.

On when he will meet the leadership, he said he will find a time and will consider to meet the two groups either together or separately, hopefully before the Nov 28 EGM.

On whether the MCA crisis would affect the Barisan Nasional in rejuvenating itself, Najib said it will hamper the coalition’s efforts.

People are seeing Umno as going through the process of reforming itself and hoped the other component parties would come together themselves as well, he said.

Actually, if we want to find a unity formula, MCA’s leaders’ actions must reflect the desire, added Najib.

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