Hello Najib… some ideas for you to think about

By Dr. Rafick

1. I believe the artificial euphoria after Malaysian Budget 2010 announcement has finally settled. The ritualistic annual event followed by the ritualistic media reaction and selective public interview that followed every budget announcement has not left any long term impact on Malaysian.

2. Those who are concerned now realized that it was merely a publicity stunt and we are living in a real world surrounded by fantasy that was created by the government. I wonder how many men in the street really know how bad the budget would be for them. My own assessment is that the 2010 budget lacks imagination and creativity. It is not addressing the focus issue at stake which is the rakyat.

3. It is not addressing the need to ensure that the Malaysian purchasing power stays strong. Instead it is doing the reverse. One such example is the government plan to remove all fuel subsidies in 2010. Let us look at some of the areas of the budget. Since the scope of the Malaysian budget is too wide for me to comment. Therefore, my view will cover certain areas only.

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